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Heather Paris is a confident, knowledgeable Pilates instructor who ranks far above the standard in the Pilates field. Great location in the heart of Arlington....I highly recommend Heather for your Pilates instructor!

- Carrie Smith, BASI Faculty

My husband has been working with Heather since he was discharged from physical therapy following a severe stroke that left him partially paralyzed on his right side four years ago. Thanks to Heather's skill, Brent's recovery has exceeded the expectations of his doctors and his progress continues to this day. He is able to drive, go for four mile walks, and his balance—according to a recent PT evaluation—is better than the average for a man of his age (late 40s). We decided to give Heather a try based on her location, but when Brent came home feeling new muscles activating in his right foot after his third session with her we knew we had found the right person. Doctors who have seen his CT scans before meeting him cannot believe what they see when he walks through their door. One of our friends, amazed by Brent's steady progress, visited Heather and was so impressed that she now has her whole family training with Heather. Brent liked to work out hard prior to his stroke and Heather really challenges him in each session, he really enjoys his sessions with her. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm make working out hard fun! Heather has the skills to meet you wherever you are and take you further than you thought you could go. We are so grateful that she has been a part of Brent's recovery.

Stephanie B.

Personalized pilates training with Heather is exemplary. She embodies "personalized." You choose the music,the temperature of the room and your choice of pilates equipment. In addition - she always makes sure to address your physical end emotional health before each session. Her emphasis on form and her knowledge of pilates is outstanding. I recommend Heather with 110% confidence for beginners or advanced students of pilates.

- Katina
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Heather’s barre class is a great low impact, high intensity, strengthening, and toning workout. Heather’s friendly demeanor, warm smile, and words of encouragement helped to motivate me throughout the class. The routines are simple, so even someone without dance experience would feel confident doing them, but because of the way Heather has constructed the exercises, anyone who takes her class will feel challenged and definitely break a sweat. The class allows me time to stretch my body and gives me an outlet to distress from the day to day chaos. Not only is the class good for my body, but it is good for my soul too.

-Kristen Briscoe 

[Heather's] knowledge and professionalism combined with her personable and caring manner make her a pleasure to work with. Specifically, I have experienced greatly improved posture and strength, even toning of the entire body instead of spot toning that led to imbalance, improved knee mechanics, greatly reduced shoulder and neck tension, stress relief, and much improved coordination. I would highly recommend Heather as a personal Pilates instructor. Before I started doing pilates with Heather, I found it difficult to develop a regular exercise routine due to injury proneness caused by arthritis and improper body mechanics that had developed over 50 years. Through Pilates and Heather's patient teaching, I am now able to participate in a wide variety of activities without injuring myself. In addition, Heather helped me discover and remedy an abdominal diastasis where my abs were separated and thus unresponsive to ab work. With gentle but highly repetitive abdominal breathing exercises that Heather taught me, I was able to close the diastasis and now I am able to exercise my abs with results instead of just making the diastasis worse. I have done personal pilates training with Heather for several months and it is by far the best investment I have made in my health and over all well-being.

- Karen A.

Heather is a fantastic Barre instructor. This was my first Pilates class and my first class incorporating ballet since I was 7, yet I felt immediately at home and comfortable. Heather is knowledgeable about fitness and suggests modifications based on any pre-existing injury or pain. She is encouraging, personable and fun! The hour-long class flies by every week. Heather's class is a great head to toe workout. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to work out.

- Stephanie Q

Working with Heather was inspiring and motivating. She challenged me to work harder and realized I had to start slower and build strength. By the end of our sessions I was stronger than I imagined I would be and she left me with a bunch of new and innovative exercises I can do at home or at the gym. I can see and feel the difference in my body and the sessions were totally worth. I would sign up with her again.

- Colleen, mother of three

I'm a 59 year old male who wasn't sure Pilates was for me, but after my first session with Heather I became not only a believer, but an outspoken proponent! She has an amazing ability to "teach and instruct" as she helps me find those muscles that need to be worked on the road to better health. Just when I think I am doing it right, she reminds me to turn that heel in, or hold the elbow at a right angle, and it always seems like she is telling me to sit up straight. And what a difference those little adjustments make in how I feel at the end of the session. If your looking for a personal trainer/Pilates instructor, you can't do better than Heather. An awesome talent!

- David

Heather is a very encouraging coach. She is able to find the right exercises to challenge me. I am an enthusiastic power-lifter. When I started doing Pilates that I noticed that I felt stronger in my weight lifting. Pilates has been instrumental in helping me to stabilize my ankles that previously sprained very easily. In addition, through training with Heather I have gained tools to prevent other injuries, to make healthier meal selections, and make holistic lifestyle choices.

-Tania W.

I have been going to Heather for Pilates and personal training for a few years now. I can see and feel the results. We set long term goals, but Heather tailors every session to my body's needs that day. For example, I have naturally tight hip flexors that pull on my knees and sometimes give me back pain. My knees often hurt after sitting for long periods of time (traveling). Going to Heather is therapeutic, because I can feel the sessions bring by body back into balance. During our classes my back and joints literally realign. I often walk into her studio with some sort of pain and then walk out, one hour later, feeling great.

I also take dance classes where I learn choreographies that involve practicing moves repeatedly on one side of my body. Heather alleviates the pain on the one side, and works the other side of my body just the right amount to regain balance. read more

- E.B.

She takes the time to listen and work with you on your goals. She is highly encouraging and makes training exciting. She is an expert when it comes to nutrition and the body. If you are looking to get healthier or looking to improve, Heather is highly recommended. She has vastly improved my strength and balance.

- Ellen

Heather has a holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of your life to help you build and approach that's right for you. She has also helped to me finally stop DIETING! I first started working with Heather in the Spring of 2009. I went to the gym to find a personal trainer to help me improve my posture. I started with a single leg balance. Now I have a super strong core and have developed and strengthened muscles all over my body. It has truly been an incredible journey! Heather is very personable and knowledgeable. Most important to me was that she didn't yell at me or ever start me at something that was too hard that I just gave up. Don't get me wrong - she definitely pushes me - but we started where I was able to start and have progressed from there. I have been eating "normally" for about a year now - meaning I eat what I want with a focus on moderation and better quality food. We are now working on helping me to lose weight. I can't say enough good things about Heather. I've recommended her to so many people and have taken my husband with me to work out together!!!

- Sarah

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

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